Subjects and teaching content

The academy will also provide training courses led by highly qualified specialists in Yezidi theology for prospective priests. Its teaching staff consists of religious and cultural scholars, theologians, historians and philosophers who will interdisciplinary train the students. We would like to introduce our lecturers and modules. Below are the modules of the first semester.

Pir Dima
Pir DimaYezidi Theology
Mr. Dimitri Pirbari (Pîr Dîma) will teach the students in the field of Yezidi Theology. Teaching contents are all topics which concern the Yezidi theology, social theory, philosophy of religion and theological abstraction. In later semesters, sacred texts of the Yazidi will be methodically analyzed and their content will be treated. The academy is working on the revival of the old Yezidic scriptures, which the students also learn.
Prof. Dr. Malkhaz Songulashvili
Prof. Dr. Malkhaz SongulashviliIntroduction to Religious Studies
Prof. Dr. Malkhaz Songulashvili specialized in lecturing in the field of religious studies and gives an introduction to the different religions. In this seminar, the lecturer gives an introduction to several religions rituals of different religious currents, such as those of Judaism, Christian and Islamic denominations.
Dr. Majid Hassan Ali
Dr. Majid Hassan AliHistory of Middle East
Dr. Majid Hassan Ali gives a lecture on the history of the Middle East, with a focus on Middle Eastern peoples and advanced civilizations. In advanced semesters genocides and persecutions, as well as important Yezidi characters and historical events are dealt with.
Ala Kavtaradze
Ala KavtaradzePsychology
Mrs. Ala Kavtaradze teaches in psychology, as well as subareas of religious psychology. In critical research on Yezidi theology, psychology reveals the collective fear of change through knowledge, this fear can be controlled with psychological methods and used as a tool. The psychology of religion provides differentiated findings on religious and spiritual experiences and behavior. Psychology open to religious topics can help to deepen personal and collective faith.
Nino Peikrishvili
Nino PeikrishviliArabic language courses
Mrs. Nino Peikrishvilli teaches the Arabic language, which is essential to understand the sacred Yezidi texts (Qewls) and fundamentals of the religion but also to explore Yezidi history. Language is a trans-denominational key to theological understanding. To give students access to the linguistically highly complex sacred structure of Yezidi theology, the Arabic language is indispensable. Through the Arabic lessons of the lecturer Nino Peikrishvili, the students will be able to develop more exact analyses and interpretations of Yezidi texts in the future.
Tamar Imerlishvili
Tamar ImerlishviliEnglish language courses
Mrs. Tamar Imerlishvili is also a language teacher. She teaches the English course. To be able to conduct theological disputes on an international level, the English language is also indispensable. Since our students come from different countries with different academic weightings, their English language skills are diverse. The English classes are dynamically adapted to the individual language skills of the students.