International Yezidi Theological Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, research, and developing leaders in many disciplines who make a decisive contribution worldwide to the preservation and research of Yezidism. The IYTA maintains a partnership with the Ilia State University in Tbilisi. As part of this cooperation, the teaching and the concept of the academy are developed, conferences were held and articles and books printed. Yezidi theology is held as a project by both research institutes, after completing the theology studies, the university certificate is awarded on behalf of the academy and the university. In the history of the Yezidi, this agreement is the first, that enables them to teach and further research their religious theory in an academic setting and partnership with a state university.

  • International focus – our students come from across the globe

  • Residential courses – we encourage learning and growth

  • People not profits – education is a right, not a privilege


It is well known that all religions and societies have their institutions concerned with their heritage and religious studies, including theology, but the Yezidis had no such institution in the past. Therefore, and as an independent institution, the International Yezidi Theological Academy (IYTA) established to prepare and trains students to obtain the academic qualification in the field of Yezidi theology and the ministry of Yezidi clerics as well as educate clerics and those interested in the Yezidi religion.

Our students are from different countries. Among them, from Germany, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Belgium. So please check if all travel requirements are met, before you enroll yourself. Every country has different travel requirments.

As an academic institution, there is a prepared curriculum consisting of several subjects. The subject inklude: Yezidi theology, comparative religions, Middle Eastern history, Psychology, English, Arabic, and Kurmanci/Êzdîkî grammar. All IYTA members and staff are holders of postgraduate degrees from MA, PhD, and professors.

Since the Academy was founded as the first step as an initiative by the Yazidi Spiritual Council in Tbilisi and some academics, it was necessary to have cooperation and agreement with universities for academic exchange and scientific recognition. After ongoing discussions, an official memorandum has been signed between International Yezidi Theological Academy (IYTA) and Ilia State University in Tbilisi in 25.10.2019. According to this agreement, an internal project will be accounted for Yezidi theological courses. The mutual projects for both institutions will be granted by IYTA and Ilia State University.

Does the Academy take a new approach in educating new religious figures?

In the past, Yazidi clerics were taught orally. Today they can be educated by professionals and university professors in a scientific and professional manner.


International Yezidi Theological Academy trains students to obtain academic qualifications in the field of Yezidi theology and ministry of Yezidi clerics.

The faculty of the Academy is composed of experts in theology and history. We offer a range of training packages in a range of subject areas and can offer blended learning opportunities to best meet your needs.