We give you a small overview of the course of the study. For work of the Academy includes:

  • Training and continuing education programs in Yezidi religion for priests, theologians, teachers, researchers, and students

  • Interdisciplinary research in the field of Yezidi theology

  • Development of scientific guidelines

  • Organization of seminars and conferences on topical issues of the Yezidi religion and public life

  • Participation in relief organizations and events as well as education activities

  • International cooperation on the field of higher and comparative religious studies

  • Publications and development of teaching material according to scientific criteria

About us

The International Yezidi Theological Academy in Georgia is a milestone in Yezidi history. In Georgia, it is now possible to study Yezidi theology. The first semester is the beginning of the three-year study period. The lecturers teach and lay essential foundations for the course of the study period and give you an introduction to their subject areas. During this time the students will be teach in the arabic and english language. Both language are essential to be able to explore the Yazidi theology, history and philosophy. In the first semester the students will be trained in this language so nobody should be afraid to read in english or arabic papers. If any student has trouble with this language or the understanding, our Professors will translate the papers in kurmancî. The subjects Theology and History are taught in Yezidis. Religious studies, psychology, and the Arabic course are taught in English and, if necessary, bilingually, with simultaneous translation into Yezidi language. The Academy trains Yezidi clergymen to become highly qualified specialists in the field of Yezidi theology and spiritual practice. The teachers in our academy are experts in religious studies, theology, history, philosophy, and cultural studies, which enables our students to gain interdisciplinary knowledge in religious studies. The IYTA maintains a partnership with the Ilia State University in Tbilisi. As part of this cooperation, the teaching and the concept of the academy are developed. Yezidi theology is held as a project by both research institutes, After completing the theology studies, the university certificate is awarded on behalf of the academy and the university. In the history of the Eid, this agreement is the first of its kind that enables them to teach and further research their religious theory in an academic setting and partnership with a state university.


Our Logo …

… represents the ethics of Yezidi theology and shows a scroll with an inscription in Yezidi script consisting of three terms. According to a Qewl, a sacred text, these three terms form the essence of the Yezidi faith and our foundation. With this guiding principle the IYTA, under the direction of Dimitri Pirbari (Pir Dima) and Dr. Majid Ali Hassan, has set itself the task of bringing interested Yezidis closer to the theology, history, sociology, and philosophy of the Yezidi people and their religion.

1. Nasîn (Knowledge)
2. Rastî (Truth)
3. Heya (Integrity)

Our Sponsor
Mr. Salih Çete

In appreciation of our donor and financial supporter – Salih Çete. The IYTA and it’s members would like to thank Mr. Salih Çete. His continued support made it possible for the IYTA to establish a professional and independent approach in the field of theological research and education for the yezidi community. Mr. Çete is a pillar of the international yezidi community and has always worked towards improving and furthering the yezidi cause.

Salih Çete was born in Viransehir, Turkey in 1969 and immigrated as one of the first yezidi families in 1971 to Germany. Mr. Çete is married and is father to three children. His work as a Bank clerk and Construction technician enabled him to become the executive director of SC Holding and many other companies.

The IYTA and all its members would like to thank Mr. Çete and his family for their continued support and trust. In appreciationb to a great man.

Our faculties

On our premises, in a glass extension, there are various facilities of the academy such as the classrooms, a library, a lounge area, accommodation rooms, a kitchen and a Yezidi temple.